Embodying weekend part two, 15-17 december 2018


The embodying weekend part two is all about hair-movements and spinning come and learn.

Early bird prices – valid till 15th Nov, 2018

Part 2: € 225,-

Registration: To apply, please send us a short dance biography of yourself by email, and order the ticket of your choice. Ticket orders can be placed through this event page (fastest) or via e-mail.

Our e-mail address is: info@da-studio.nl

Submit your application ASAP as we have limited places, Please note that your place is only secure when we have received your payment.

This training week focuses mainly on dancing, so it is also suitable for people with no ambition to teach. If you want to take your dancing to the highest level. Some of the areas covered are: footwork, posture, communication, rhythm, musicality, video analysis, upper-body isolation, creativity, musicality.

In 24 hours we will take you from the fundamentals of zouk to mastering the hardest techniques. This will give you an insight into the possibilities of zouk dancing in all its facets. For people who perform or want to perform this is a must as you will receive video feedback and one-on-one sessions during the week that really focus on you as a dancer with analysis of your strengths and areas for improvement.

In the Embodying weekend part 2 it is all about technique. We will focus mainly on hair-movements and spinning. Of course the material of part 1 will be repeated and the earning goals of grounding, posture, relaxation are still there. using the six pillars of the DA method movement, dynamics, connection, creativity, musicality, body-control will be the in every exercise we do.
In spinning the emphasis is on pointing the feet, bending the knees, keeping the inner leg together, sustained release breathing and making a frame and spotting.
For hair-movements, much of the same applies, but we try to get the upper part of the chest to surrender. curving, bending and tilting in a controlled an inward way. working on flexibility through movements.
Of course these technique will be done solo and couples. Then lastly how to apply this to the music, following the melody but not letting go of the rhythm using it to make grand finishes with spinning and hair-movements

Saturday 15 December
10.00-11.00 breakfast
11.00-13.00 lessons
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-16.00 support
16.00-18.00 lessons
18.00-19.00 dinner
19.00-21.00 support
21.00-23.00 social dancing

Sunday 16 December
11.00-13.00 lessons
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-18.00 lessons
18.00-19.00 dinner
19.00-21.00 lessons
20.00-23.00 social dancing (open)

Monday 17 December
11.00-13.00 lessons
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-18.00 lessons
18.00-19.00 dinner
19.00-20.00 certificates & conversation
20.00-23.00 social dancing (open)

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