Level 1, Tantra into Zouk Weekend 2018, Amsterdam 30 Nov - 2 Dec

Amsterdam, Нидерланды

Tantra into Zouk is a concept to introduce age old spiritual practises through Zouk dancing into your dancing & daily life. Empowering dancers to connect to themselves and others on a deeper spiritual level during dancing and also outside of dancing!

This is the 3rd Level 1 Weekend on the topic of Tantra & Spirituality into Zouk.
The workshop will have a maximum attendance of 42 people: 21 leaders & 21 followers.

This will be a personal, emotional & spiritual development workshop weekend merging Tantra with Zouk.
Tantra is the science of self-self realisation & the art of connection.

When using the Tantric perspective, a couple dance becomes a micro cosmos in which you can learn and grow with each dance interaction you have.

"It was very self-empowering to me! I feel like a flower that opened up finally!"
"Sharing is caring - Thank you for teaching me how to feel and share unconditional love"
"Awesome experience and so different to other zouk workshops."
"An enrichment and broadening in how I view myself and others"
"It was a challenging but very loving weekend with very profound new insights about my personality and behavioral patterns."
"Self exploration opportunity"
"Deep and transformative."
"Empowering and fulfilling"

SUBJECTS (not limited to this list)
- Short theory on the brainwaves in which Flow (the dance trance) can occur and how to actively create it in dancing
- Dancing habits that consistently prevent Flow and how to avoid them
- Dancing habits that create Flow
- A suprisingly simply technique to make headmovements more spiritual for the feminine.
- Masculine & Feminine esotheric practises
- Female archetypes and how to connect to them
- Techniques for the masculine how to create a safe environment in which the feminine can fully surrender into dance trance.
- Techniques for the feminine how to INVITE the masculine to create a space for her to fully surrender into dance trance.
- Ancient spiritual practise that creates a deep connection within seconds
- Tantric Meditations
- Explanation of difference between Sexual Energy & Sexuality

Although Tantra has profound deep liberating sexual elements to it,
there will be NO sexualengagement or nudity in this workshop.
The main topic here is dance.
Sexuality may be addressed in the theory or in Q&A upon request.
Upon request, books and workshop references can also be provided.
More on this, in the bottom of this description and in one of the comments.


18.45 Arrival
19.00 Registration
19.30 Start Workshop part 1
24.00 End of workshop
00.00 Free dance
00.30 End of free dance

10.30 Arrival
10.45 Warm-up
11.00 Workshop part 2
15.00 Lunch
16.00 Workshop part 3
18.30 Snack break
18.45 Workshop part 4
21.00 Dinner break
22.30 Travel to Leiden (35 mins drive, rides will be available)
23.00 Party - ZoukLovers, Leids Danscentrum
02.00 Suggested end of party
03.00 Official end of party

11.00 Arrival
11.15 Warm-up
11.30 Workshop part 5
15.00 Lunch
16.00 Workshop part 6
18.30 Snack break
18.45 Workshop part 7
21.00 Dinner break
22.00 Free dance social
23.30 End of social

Lunch & dinner will be at good prices served by the location.
Lunch € 7,- Vegetarian, Gluten-free
Dinner € 9,- Vegetarian, Gluten-free

The Saturday party will be hosted by ZoukLovers at 35 mins driving, this will be a regular party with also outsiders joining in.
In the registration form you can request a ride if you need one. We will be going with lots of people there.
Separate entrance fee: ± 10 euro
Eventlink: https://www.facebook.com/events/159889328291275/

Full pass until 15th of October for € 125,-
Full pass until 1st of November for € 135,-
Full pass until 15th of November for € 145,-
Full pass until 25th of November for € 155,-
Full pass at the door € 165,-

- € 10,- for cash payment directly to organizer (moment of registration counts)
- € 10,- for participants who attended any other Tantra into Zouk event
- 50% for RESIDENTS of former communistic countries. Meaning Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and other Slavic & Baltic non-euro countries (this only applies if you live in these countries and are not an expat)
- 30% for students (copy of valid student card needs to be provided)
- 50% for local teachers & organisers

- Cash to organizer Roger van Doggenaar (within 3 weeks of registration) send PM to arrange
- Paypal 020.roger@gmail.com
- Banktransfer to NL53 ABNA 0492 4230 16 in name of Interdependence Consulting B.V.

Roger will be physically present at the following events to receive cash payments:
- Dutch Zouk
- Local Dutch parties, to be announced later.
Your registration date will be counted for your pricing discount.

Send us an email to tantraintozouk@gmail.com with your full name and payment proof after Bank/Paypal payment.

For groups coming from abroad:
For groups of 6 or more people coming from abroad send us an email to tantraintozouk@gmail.com with all the names for a discount fee.

By cancellation of subscription you are kindly requested to find somebody who will buy your pass.
For refunds there will be a charge of € 25,-.

The workshop will have a maximum attendance of 42 people: 21 leaders & 21 followers, so sign up fast to secure your spot.

You need to be able to lead/follow headmovements without any problem to attend this workshop. If you are unable to do so, you can unfortunately not attend yet.
This is because we need to have a basic level of intermediate or higher, so we can focus on the spiritual aspects of the dance without worrying about counting steps etc.
We can connect you with teachers who can give you private classes on these aspects.

Registration is done by filling in the registration form:

ONLY when registered and paid will your spot be secured.

- Public transport: tba
- Car: tba

We can provide couch surfing spots for those coming from far. Send a separate pm for that and make your preference known in the registration form.

Tantra is a very vague concept for most people. In order to lift veil of mystery a bit, I will post various interpretations of what Tantra is and what it stands for in the event comments.
This may aid in feeling into the purpose of this workshop weekend and whether this is something for you to discover.

Please take note that in some definitions and interpretations there is a strong emphasis on sexuality. This is because Tantra is the only Spiritual tradition that fully embraces sexual energy and has deep teachings on how to use that energy for deepening spiritual practice.
This does NOT imply this workshop teaches sexuality or that there will be any sexual excersizes.
However, the beauty of a couple dance like Zouk is that we can use the dance interaction as practice ground to learn new ways of interacting and relating between the masculine and the feminine without an actual sexual act, and even without sexual energy. The practitioner is invited to practice this in a dance setting and then to privately see if it can be put to use in personal life and perhaps personal sexuality.

So for example, we will practice different techniques and methods on how to get out of your head and more into your body, so that you will not constantly be thinking and/or negatively judging yourself.
Dance is perfect to practice this and it has nothing to do with being sexual.
The invitation is to then apply these teachings in other areas of your life where you may find them useful. Perhaps in your sexlife, or in other areas that serve you..

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