Zouk Connection & Flow Weekend with Gert & Bess from Amsterdam


Connection & Flow are two of the most characteristic elements of Brazilian Zouk Dance. These two elements make Zouk beautiful to watch and they are an important reason why people are so addicted to dancing it. Connection & Flow provide the perfect tools to get into an almost meditative state, being in the moment with your dance partner, forgetting the world around you.

------------------ WHO ARE GERT & BESS? ----------

Gert Faber & Bess Kuil are two (Zouk) dancers from Amsterdam with extensive knowledge about dancing in general, and Zouk Connection & Flow specifically (see BIOs below). 
Over the years, they have developed many exercises to practice these elements with their students. In the “Zouk Connection & Flow Weekend” Bess and Gert will provide you with a nice package of these exercises, which will improve the connection with your dance partner and your movement flow (see workshop description below).

-------------- EVENT INFORMATION -------

------ Thursday ------
15.00-22.00 OutDoor zouk party at Blox
------ Friday ----------
From 14.00 Hang out at Islands Brygge to dance zouk and/or swim
19.00-23.00 Party at Undergrunden at Islands Brygge Kulturhus
------ Saturday -----
12:00-14:00 Workshop 1 (Undergrunden)
13:00-15:00 Workshop 2 (Undergrunden )
From 15.00 Hang out at Islands Brygge to dance zouk and/or swim 
19:00-23:00 (if we are not sure about where we can have an after-party we go back to the grass and dance some more there if the weather is nice) 
------ Sunday ------
15:00-17:00 Workshop 3
19.00-23.00 Party at Undergrunden at Islands Brygge Kulturhus


• • • EARLY BIRDS, until 10th of July.
-- With partner
----- 1x workshop (2 hours): 150 kr / €20 euro
----- 3x workshops (6 hours): 400 kr / €55 euro
-- Without partner
----- 1x workshop (2 hours): 200 kr / €25 euro
----- 3x workshops (6 hours): 500 kr / €65 euro

• • • NORMAL PRICE, after the 10th of July until the 19th of July
-- With partner
----- 1x workshop (2 hours): 190 kr / €25 euro
----- 3x workshops (6 hours): 500 / €65 euro
-- Without partner
----- 1x workshop (2 hours): 230 kr / €30 euro
----- 3x workshops (6 hours): 580 kr / €75 euro

• • • LATE PAYMENT after the 19th of July
-- With partner
----- 1x workshop (2 hours): 230 kr / €30 euro
----- 3x workshops (6 hours): 530 / €70 euro
-- Without partner
----- 1x workshop (2 hours): 260 kr / €35 euro
----- 3x workshops (6 hours): 560 kr / €75 euro

Please transfer the money to the following account: 
Reg: 6610 2598890 Jyske bank.
IBAN: DK8466100002598890
Or use Mobilepay to 25852817
Write your name and zouk on the transfer

Also write a message or mail to Connie Yndal Pedersen (post@connieyndal.dk)
1. Your name
2. "Connection & Flow weekend"
2. Your role ("Leader" or "Follower") 
4. The name of your partner if you subscribe with a partner 

Once you have paid, you are subscribed. If you would like to get a confirmation, you can email to post@connieyndal.dk. 

I suggest you will be fast with signing up, we have a limited space for participants!


• To improve the CONNECTION with your dance partners we will do dance exercises that will challenge multiple senses, thereby letting you experience new ways of making connection. During the class you will also apply the exercises in social dancing, so you can experience the result of what you learned immediately. 
• To improve FLOW of your dancing we will focus on three Zouk dance principles
1. CONTINUOUS FLOW: Smooth transitions between patterns will make you feel like you are on a journey, moving fluently form one experience into the other.
2. ELASTICITY: Using elasticity, slowly building and reducing tension, will make your dance less jerky, resulting in a more constant and seamless connection.
3. TRAVELING: Floating over the dance floor together using long steps will give you the feeling of flying and freedom. 

------------------------- BIOs -----------------------

Gert Faber
Gert was born in Amsterdam and has always been interested in expression through movement. He has been practicing Gymnastics for over 20 years and Wushu (Kungfu) for over 10 years. Besides this extensive physical background, he also explores the theoretical aspects of human motion as a biomechanics researcher. 
In 2009 he started Salsa dancing and became a real Salsa-addict. More recently he fell in love with Brazilian Zouk dancing and took classes from world famous teachers: Adillio Porto, Pasty and Willem Engel. Gert’s Zouk style is a mix of the styles of these teachers. Furthermore, he is adding his personal flavor to the Zouk dance by incorporating the flowing elements from Wushu and Gymnastics.
From 2010 to 2012 Gert has worked as a biomechanist at the Harvard School of Public health in Boston. During this time he started teaching Zouk and helped building a solid Zouk scene in Boston (www.zoukboston.com). In Boston Gert also started dancing West Coast Swing. This is a very smooth dance style that focuses on soft connection trough elasticity, a principle which he now uses a lot in his Zouk dancing/teaching.
In 2012, Gert moved back to Amsterdam to work as a researcher at the VU University (Human Movement Sciences). In 2013, he founded the BZA dance school together with Charlotte Mathiessen (www.ZoukAmsterdam.nl). Currently Gert is teaching with his new dance partner Eva Stolk. They are very happy that they can share their passion for Zouk dancing though BZA.

Bess Kuil
Bess Kuil is a dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher from the Netherlands (Amsterdam). She is specialized in African Dance, Modern Dance and different Partner Dance styles like Zouk and Contact Improvisation. Furthermore, she is also trained in other styles like Burlesque, Ballet, Salsa, Kizomba and a bit of Martial arts. She graduated at the Theater School in Amsterdam at the dancers department almost two years ago. She performed in many different dance and performance styles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Belgrade, London and Senegal.
What intrigues her the most about dance is the physical communication you can have with yourself, your dance partner(s) and the audience. Dance is a universal language, that everybody understands. You don't have to be a professional dancer to communicate with your body, so everybody can speak it.
As a performer, choreographer, dancer and teacher Bess mixes different styles and traditions. Her classes are about body awareness, physical communication, freedom in movement and the joy of dancing. The passion of this dancer is felt in all classes she teaches.

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