Zoukaddictz Weekend Stuttgart 2019

Stuttgart, Германия

Dear Zouklovers!!The registration is open!!

This is going to be a hot and intensive Zoukweekend in Stuttgart. We have the honour to welcome 3 inspirational Zouk Artists: 2 from Brazil and 1 from NL! The combination of two rising stars- Ilse and Felipe Nascimento- and the high quality dance experience of Rubia Frutuoso will change your view and emotions of Brazilian Zouk.

This Goddess edition will mainly focus on the love and sensual beauty of Zouk. Our aim is to spread the Zouklove with great fundamental knowledge to Beginners as well as more experienced dancers. Of course everybody is different so you adapt the movements to your body and skills.

With this event we want to encourage more people to explore Brazilian Zouk in Stuttgart, Germany and all the neighbouring countries.
Be part of the Zouk Family

What will we offer?

3 h Beginner‘s Bootcamp
3 h Ladies Styling Workshop with Rubia Frutuoso
11h of Fullpass workshops with Ilse& Felipe, Rubia Frutuoso mainly
2 Parties and a Sunday Cool Down Social

We would also like to present some local Zouk teachers from the South German Communities- so that we all have the opportunity to get to know them, chat and dance with them. Therefore we are trying to add some additional Fullpass workshops for you!

As we want to built a family friendly atmosphere the available spots for the full pass will be limited. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Stuttgart. It will be a wonderful weekend with loads of fun and Zouk!

One Zouk one Family

Your Zoukaddicts Team


Registration Process:

Registration form:

1. Filling in this form is required to secure your workshop spot.
2. Your spot is secured if you filled in the form and the money is received.
3. After step 1 & 2 is completed, you will get a confirmation and your ticket via email within 1 day. If it takes longer than that feel free to contact us.

Please make sure to pay as soon as possible. The procedure of filling up the form will secure your spot for 3 days. If the payment has not been received, your registration is loosing its value. Thank you for your understanding.

Only limited places available!


Ticket Overview:

LAZY Bird Prices (until 28.10.2019)

Full Pass (all 11h of fullpass workshops & parties except for Follower Styling & Beginners Bootcamp): 115€

Beginner‘s Bootcamp : 35€

One-Day-Pass for Saturday or Sunday: 75€

Follower Styling Workshops with Rubia Frutuoso:

Follower Styling 1: Preparation for Head Movements & Balance in finishing movements: 35€

Follower Styling 2: Arm Styling 25€

Please understand: The Fullpass covers „only“ the 11 hours of amazing fullpass workshops (with mainly Ilse+ Felipe & Rubia Frutuoso; local teachers) plus parties. The Beginner‘s Bootcamp and/or the Follower Styling workshops need to be booked separately.


Payment methods

You have 3 options to pay your ticket:
Bank Transfer, PayPal or Cash (directly to any of the organizers or at one of our events)


Send the full amount of the ticket to: www.paypal.me/m3ram

Subject line: Your Pass/Ticket Details (Full Pass, Follower Styling, Beginners Bootcamp, ...)


Bank Transfer

Kontoinhaber: Prakasapathy Ramalingam
IBAN: DE07 6005 0101 7005 6021 21
Subject line: Your Pass/Ticket Details (Full Pass, Follower Styling, Beginners Bootcamp, ...)


About the Artists:

Goddess 1 Rubia FrutuosoBR

A dancer whose main focus is the study and development of the lady style Zouk.
Rúbia Frutuoso is a multi talented teacher and choreographer. Frutuoso began dancing at the age of 4 and soon found it to be her life's vocation.
Having started studying physical education, Frutuoso pursued a career in professional dancing and soon graduated in classical ballet and jazz dance .
Pioneer in Zouk, but also keen on Salsa, Bachata, and mainly other ballroom dances.
- -
Dancing brazilian rhythms such as Samba de Gafiera, Forro and Sertanejo Universitario, Rúbia Frutuoso is an awarded professional teaching courses in Brazil and having toured in
congresses in England, France, Canada, Poland, and Russia. As a teacher, Frutuoso was a guest lecturer on the '' Resistir Com Arte' (resist through art ) project and also taught Zouk in a postgraduate discipline at FMU University. Winner of the Baila Mundo Award in 2013 and 2016 for the best Zouk teacher. Frutuoso is the director of her own dance company. Rúbia Frutuoso currently develops studies that are focused on female body awareness and expressions.
Rúbia Frutuoso has taught Jazz and Zouk since 2009 at Solun Dance Academy at São Paulo, the venue that has hosted Zouk Congresses since 2010 (the largest Zouk Congress in Brazil).

Goddess 2 Ilse Maria Anna NL

Brazilian Zouk Instructor for 5 years, at Vibe Latina and started the Partnership “Felipe & Ilse“ since 2019 / MC

Ilse is an enthusiastic dancer from the Netherlands. She was introduced to dancing through musical classes at a young age and immediately grew fond of it. Dancing is her passion and plays a big role in her life now.

In 2011 she had her first zouk classes by TotallyZouk, she immediately fell in love with the dance. She was part of their team till 2014. Ilse used to teach with Carlos from 2015 till 2018. In 2015 Ilse started to work together with Ruanita Santos, who has been her Brazilian Zouk teacher ever since. In 2019 she started a dancepartnership with Felipe Nascimento, together they are spreading their love for dance around the globe. Specializing in Urban Zouk, Traditional Zouk and a bit of Neo. Since 2016 Ilse is MC'ing at events. She is known for her natural way of entertaining the crowd, making them laugh and leaving them excited for whatever comes next. As a teacher, Ilse wants to help people achieve their true potential in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and at a pace that is ‘right’ for the student. She wants the students to go home satisfied, not only because they’ve learned something, but also because they had a good time. Because you learn better with a smile.

Goddess 3 Felipe Nascimento BR

In every man lies a Goddess, too! You might no know now- but you will discover it!

Felipe is already teacher of Brazilian Zouk for six years with a degree in Physical Education from the University of Brasilia - UnB.

He began teaching at some dance academies in Brasilia, such as Vem Dançar, Fahir Body Arts and Dance-se Bem-estar.

Currently travels within Brazil and the world giving classes with his partner Ilse Maria Anna. Specialised in Urban Zouk and Traditional Zouk. His portfolio also covers the connection within dance, Neo and Lamba. Felipe has a unique style that combines the specialized training of the undergraduate degree in Physical Education with the teaching of Brazilian Zouk. He also developed a workbook about how to combine the traditional Zouk techniques with fusion contents.

In 2015 he took the Urban Zouk strand to his city, Brasilia-DF, which had not yet been consolidated. Today his focus is to work giving workshops around the world with his partner.




Check out his Facebook page


to stay updated about his new remixes and DJ schedule. His DJ Sets regularly tops the Mixcloud charts and you can hear his latest at

http:// www.mixcloud.com/LionX_GER/.

In the mid-90s LionX began his DJ-ing career in his hometown of Lebus where he focused on HipHop, Pop and House music. When he discovered Zouk he simply fell in love with not only the dance, but the music too. He seeks to put his own identity into Zouk music by remixing tracks into his unique style, thus entertaining all dancers with his music. You can check out his DJ Sets on www.mixcloud.com/LionX_GER/ and on https://soundcloud.com/lionx-ger.

Since 2011 he has DJ'd at many congresses and festivals all over the World including Berlin Zouk Festival, Zouktime in Brno, Dutch Zouk Congress, Zouk Libre in Warsaw and Zurich Zouk Congress.

In 2015 he had many debuts outside of Europe at the famous Berg’s Zouk- Lambada congress in Porto Seguro, the Zouk Infinity Brazilian Beach Festival in Beirut and the biggest ZOUK Festival in Asia, Zouk S.E.A.
In 2016 played a the ZLF in Warsaw, OISZF in Oman, BH Zouk Congresso in Brazil, Russian Zouk Congress in St. Petersburg, and many other evens in Europa.
In 2017 played a the again at Berg’s Zouk-Lambada congress in Porto Seguro, El Sol Warsaw Zouk Festival, Bonn Zouk Festival, LA Zouk Marathon in the US.
In 2018 played a the Zouk Fest in London, Cologne Zouk Festival, ZoukTime Holliday, ZoukLambada Beach Festival in Santa Susanna, Hawaii Zouk Festival, and many other evens in Europa and the US.

In 2019 played a the Navy Zouk Festival 2019 in Poland, IamZoukCity Festival im Amsterdam, 10th Zouktime! in Brno and many other evens in Europa.
As dance teacher and organizer he has also helped to launch the Zouk scene in Dresden and since 2010 DJ LionX has been involved in growing the Zouk scene in Germany. He is one of the organisers of the “Zouk Family Meeting”, a Zouk event with a significant difference.


guys, please have a look at the official workshop schedule. We posted it already in this event. It will be 11 h of Fullpass workshops starting from November 1st Till November 3rd.

Beginner‘s Bootcamp is excluded In the Fullpass, as well as the lady styling workshops (2nd and 3rd of Nov. 11:30 am - 1pm)



Friday : is a public holiday in most parts of Germany. We will open up an extra room to have a during the *day warm up party*and we we will stay at rytmiko dance school.

Saturday: @Aloft Stuttgart starting from 8pm

Sunday: @Conditorei Chivasso starting from 8pm

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