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ZoukMX 2017

10 Days, 1 Experience, this is ZoukMX.It will be our third year in Mexico and Playa Del Carmen is now home to a 10 day dance experience. Playa is an incredible place like no other in the world. Join us and some of the best dj's and artists in the...
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Bruno & Shani Zouk Demo @ 2017 LAZC

Bruno and Shani's Zouk improv at the 207 Los Angeles Zouk Congress at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.
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ZoukMX 2016, Playa del Carmen

100+ Aritsts, 7 Days, 1 Experience, this is ZoukMX. After ZNL Music & Dance Festival we’ve decided to move 2016 to one of the best new beach entertainment cities, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. It’s home to some of the best music festivals and now...
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