08:18 26 июл 2016 ProZouk (438)

Bruno Galhardo and Layssa Liebscher // Brazilian Zouk demo in Canberra

Bruno Galhardo and Layssa Liebscher were in Canberra teaching workshops at Corazon Studios on the weekend of 23-24th July 2016. This is their demonstration at the end of the workshops.
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10:11 23 июл 2016 ProZouk (438)

Bruno & Layssa // Social Dancing at Corazon

Brazillian Zouk Social Dancing at Corazon Studios in Canberra, Thursday 21st July 2016.Bruno Galhardo and Layssa Liebscher
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Tantra into Zouk Weekend * Level 1 * Amsterdam 20-22 March 2020

Tantra into Zouk is a concept to introduce age old spiritual practises through Zouk dancing into your dancing & daily life. Empowering dancers to connect to themselves and others on a deeper spiritual level during dancing and also outside of...
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