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Lisbon ZOUK Weekender 2019

LISBON ZOUK WEEKENDER 2019Nós estamos super felizes de anunciar este fim de semana MARAVILHOSO com muita dança, boa energia e artistas incríveis!! Venham desfrutar conosco!!!!!We are super happy to anounce this amazing weekend full of dance, good...
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Tantra into Zouk Weekend * Level 1 * Amsterdam 19-21 July 2019

Tantra into Zouk is a concept to introduce age old spiritual practises through Zouk dancing into your dancing & daily life. Empowering dancers to connect to themselves and others on a deeper spiritual level during dancing and also outside of...
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2nd Summer Zouk.nl Beach Marathon 2019

ZoukLovers (one of the main initiators/creators of the Dutch International Zouk Congress) presents:The 2nd Summer Zouk.nl Beach Marathon 2019[Scheveningen - The Hague - The Netherlands - Europe]@ Tasty Comedy (Pier) --> bankruptcy -->@...
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Zouk Needs You Bootcamp in Slovakia 2019

Are you looking for a way to take your dancing to another level? Look no more and join us for the 2nd edition of ZNY Bootcamp in Slovakia with the one and only Valnessa (or if you wish - Val and Vanessa)! Whether you are an advanced zouker or are...
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