Embodying Weekend Hairmovements (part 2) December 2019


Do you like a challenge? We have one for you: Embody zouk dancing in one long weekend. Get stimulated, frustrated, elevated, Allow yourself to go trough a kaleidoscope of emotions while physically focusing on yourself. Fine tune your technique in an almost one-on-one setting. (maximum amount of participants: 8 couples) In this spinning & hairmovements edition we focus on grounding, communication and body control.

For more information and registration go to: https://www.da-studio.nl/event/da-zouk-embodying-weekend-part-2-spinning-hair-movements-2/

Price: € 225,- (excluding hotel, including lunches and dinners)
Level: Zouk intermediate/advanced, at least 2 years of zouk dancing and after participation of Embodying Weekend part 1.
Location: Chalonsstraat 6, Rotterdam (DA Studio)
Date: Saturday 14 December - Monday 16 December 2019
Start time: 10.00 (Saturday); End time: 20.00 (Monday)
Teachers: Willem Engel, Laili Reinders, Bess Kuil, Jolien Heeringa, Lisa vd Hoeven.

Submit your application ASAP as we have limited places, Please note that your place is only secure when we have received your payment.

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