Zouk Lambada Holiday 2022

Тип мероприятия:
Dear zouk lambada dancers, we are very excited to invite you to the first dance holiday event organised by Patricia Cruz and Natasha Terekhina. An event that we hope will become a yearly meeting point for zouk lambada teachers and dancers from all over the world.
How long you have been dancing or even if you want to start from “0”, it’s not important. What you will need is lots of energy and enthusiasm.
We could give you a long list of reasons why we are so excited about this new yearly event, but for us the most important ones are:
-First of all, for us both, the union of Zouk and Lambada is very important for growth and development of these two dances.
-In Salou we are lucky to have several dancers that took lambada around the world, inspiring thousands of people and making dance history.
-Also, there is a new generation of dancers that are making a big difference in the evolution of these dances all over the world by ensuring its roots are not forgotten.
- And last but not least, in our first party night we also get to celebrate Natasha’s birthday. Not that we need an excuse for a party, but what better way is there to celebrate another year in the life of a dancer and teacher that has embraced both dances with such grace and enthusiasm.
Confirmed artists:
1. William & Irene, Madrid
2. Olaya & Papagaio, Barcelona
3. Felipe & Bruna, Brazil
4. Iago & Vanessa, Brazil
5. Kadu Pires, Madrid
6. Xavi & Laura, Barcelona
7. Zulu & Vanesa, Salou
8. Italo & Josy, Salou
9. Alexandre Gustavo, Brazil
10. Patricia Cruz, Salou
11. Natasha Terekhina, Salou
12. Paty Lira, Brazil
MC Giovanni Ferrari
Videos by Baila Mundo
Full Pass:
- Early bird-EUR99.00
(for the first 10 tickets bought)
- Until 30th June 2022: EUR125.00
- Between 1st July & 31th August: EUR140.00
- Between 1st September & 5th October:EUR160
- At the door EUR180
Fullpass includes 18h of workshops and 3 parties.
Party Pass:
Friday - EUR20
Saturday - EUR30
Sunday - EUR20
Beginners fast track (from zero)
Full Pass:
Include 3 parties and 11h of workshops(5h special beginner track)
Price: EUR99
14:00 Register
17:00-19:00 workshops
20:00 Dinner
22:00-4:00 Birthday party
00:30 Open Show
11:00-14:20 workshops
14:00-15:30 Lunch
15:30-17:40 workshops
20:00 Dinner
22:00-4:00 Party
11:00-14:20 workshops
14:00-15:30 Lunch
15:30 Beachhhhh Axe
20:00 Dinner
22:00-4:00 Party

➢ Event location:
Hotel Port Eugeni
Plaza Aragón, 49,
43850 Cambrils, Tarragona
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