Zouk Weekend with Martin Trinoga and Connie Yndal 2018


Zouk Weekend with Martin Trinoga and Connie Yndal

I’m very happy to finally be able to invite you to this zouk weekend with Martin Trinoga from Bremen. Martin is one of my favorite dance partners and has also helped me with learning the zouk alfabeth as I like to call it. The zouk alfabeth is the technique behind zouk, once you master this technique, you will be able learn and follow pretty much everything in zouk. 
Martin is an upcoming zouk teacher from Bremen and has studied with some of the best zouk teachers. He both have a great sense of connection and musicality as well as very precise technique, on top of that he also know how to bring humor into the dance.

Overview of the zouk weekend that will take place in Undergrunden at Kulturhuset Islandsbrygge

19.00-23.00 Party 

12.00-13.30 Workshop: Breathing and Connection
14.00-15.30 Workshop: Head movements

15.30-17.30 Break – You can eat with us at the restaurant

17.30-18.30 Workshop: Playfulness in zouk
18.30-23.00 Party

14.00-15.30 Workshop: Creativity - Playing with building
up the zouk dance
15.30-17.00 Workshop: Musicality - How to do the same
fraise to different music and with small 

On Sunday we will all go to Keddelhallen to dance zouk, because Monday is a holiday (2. Pinsedag) we now know that the party will last until 2AM, and that we will have a zouk at 19.15-20.15. This entrance is not part of our event and must be paid separately. Also on Sunday we will all go out and eat together.


Early bird before the 15. april

1 workshop 1,5 hours: 200 kr. 

2 workshops 3 hours: 300 kr. 

3 workshop 4,5 hours 450 kr.

4 workshops 6 hours 550 kr. 

5 workshops 7.5 hours (full pass) 600 kr. 

After the 15th of April the price goes up with 30 kr. for 1-2 workshop and 50 kr. for 3-5 workshops!

The prices for the workshops are including the 2 parties

Party incl. workshop: 100 kr. 
Party without workshop: 50 kr. 

The music will be chosen by Martin Trinoga, Nis Klausen og Connie Yndal

The zouk community in Copenhagen is very warmhearted and open, so if you would like to stay with a local, please write this in the event and also perhaps also in the Zouk Couch surfing group here on facebook.

You sign up by writing to post@connieyndal.dk.

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