12:11 6 мар 2020 Ekaterina (4523)

demo, Brazouky Dance Festival 2020

Alisson Sandi & Christina Montoya Arthur Santos & Layssa Liebscher William Teixeira & Paloma Alves Leonardo Neves & Becky Crystal Marck Silva & Melyssa Tamada
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Tantra into Zouk Weekend * Level 1 * Amsterdam 20-22 March 2020

Tantra into Zouk is a concept to introduce age old spiritual practises through Zouk dancing into your dancing & daily life. Empowering dancers to connect to themselves and others on a deeper spiritual level during dancing and also outside of...
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Zouk Weekend with Wiktor & Ola 2020

Zouk Mainz presents the next „Workshop Event“!!!! Wiktor & Ola (Warsaw) will be with us to give Workshops in Darmstadt on the 7.3.2020!Tickets:You can save money if You book as couple!! Therefore: „Take Your partner“ „Gold-Ticket...
Место проведения:
Darmstadt, Германия
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Zouk SEA 2017

Zouk SEA (South East Asia) 2017Our 7th Annual Brazilian Zouk Dance Festival will be held in Kuala Lumpur. This year is sure to be the biggest and wildest dance parties ever with even more zouk dancing happening. We're now a 4 days full event!Stay...
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22:20 2 июл 2019 Ekaterina (4523)

demo, Brazouky Dance Festival 2019

Alex de Carvalho & Mathilde dos Santos Arthur Santos & Layssa Liebscher
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